While helping my father wash the family station wagon one summer morning he turned and said to me, "you never have to do a job you don't like" and then returned to sponging soap on the car without another word. Standing beside him with the soap bucket and another sponge, I watched him for a moment, confused and a bit frightened, and wondering if perhaps he meant I didn't really have to help with the car after all, but figured that probably wasn't it. So I continued washing without speaking.

I took him at his word that morning, though I didn't understand.

Years later I spent several semesters taking photography classes at local colleges while working as the type director at a large advertising firm and with the encouragement of my instructors decided to quit my job and leap into professional photography full time, something which had gone from pipe dream to necessity, beginning as a low-level assistant. 

The photographers with whom I worked provided me with the education, background and experience no school can approach and after several years of successfully working as a commercial photographer I began opening myself to my passion for moving images, first as a camera operator and then expanding into editing, color correction, directing and visual effects work.

I'm now part of the production team as director and editor behind a broadcast television program, Books du Jour, airing in the New York metropolitan area and was also part of its predecessor, Book Case TV working as director, DP/camera op, editor and creating all visual effects, graphics, music and sound finished to broadcast specifications. Yep, a one-man band on that one.

Shooting and editing projects for production companies, advertising agencies, independent producers, private foundations and individuals, in tandem with teaching at a local art school keeps me busy, very happily so.

Taking a visual project from unformed idea to finish is something I treasure for each one means the opportunity to work creatively with others, to continually expand and refine my skills under deadline pressure and ultimately to contribute something memorable to the viewer.

My father changed his career soon after that summer morning and began finding greater joy in his life. Having taken his words to me as something like gospel, I followed my interests and passions to where I am now, a career I like very much.

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J ane Deeken

Jane Deeken