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I'm Nominated for a 2016 Emmy Award - who'd have thought it?!

Announced February 9th, the NYC Life Channel mini-documentary series,  'Catalyst', on which I worked as an editor, has been nominated for a 2016 Emmy Award.

Producer Kéla Walker, creator and driving force behind Catalyst, directed the combined talents of Wiener Milien, director of photography, Elliot Stern (B-camera) and Jason Schneider, Veronica Sanders and me (editors) and Jenna Emens (audio mix) to create eight episodes, each featuring a local person who has taken it upon themselves to make a positive difference in New York City.

Executive produced for NYC Life by Janet Choi with Karen Johnson, senior producer. 

It was a privilege to have worked closely with Kéla to create three of the season 1 episodes and to return this past autumn to edit all six episodes of season 2. Here's hoping for an Emmy win!